Friends and foes, visitors and passengers, guests, invited and invited, welcome to my version of Wonderland.

Here’s a short bio -actually less than all you need to know- about Christina Kal and this digital endeavour.

Christina is Greek and that creates lots of exciting chaos.
First of all, her last name: Kalogeropoulou (Καλογεροπούλου in Greek -I know, right?). As you can see, it is huge beyond imagination and utterly difficult to pronounce if you don’t speak Greek. So, she decided to shorten it and simply use Kal in English. Sounds, playful and sweet, doesn’t it? 

Secondly, this whole Greek culture on her shoulders (you know, philosophers, writers, historians, people generally that think, speak and write a lot!) made her have a tendency to be verbose. Was always using fancy and difficult words from a young age, so, after realising that she cannot easily be concise, she decided to study philosophy and be trained to speak and think to the point, and at the same time to start writing endlessly about film, art, theatre, politics, travelling, and literature, and try to create something more interesting and kinda balanced. 

Has she succeeded in that? Who knows.. probably only her readers do, if she has any. Secretly she wants to be a writer but she keeps telling her self that she still hasn’t found an interesting story worth sharing. 

And last but not least, she’s also started playing with cameras, exploring what sort of visual worlds she can create. Pretty unsure about the results, though. In the end, who can be sure about anything, really? 

She was meaning to set up a website/CV for more than a year and include all her arty endeavours, but then she thought of transforming into that the blog she was keeping for a couple of years. As much as it is slightly embarrassing to look back at pieces of silly literature you tried to write when you were a teenager and a drama queen, there’s too much sentimental value and memories hidden behind the words, not to protect them somehow.

Be patient, I’ll slowly set up my website properly.

That’s pretty much all.
Welcome and goodbye.